Whatever your fitness goals all the programs I offer are progressive. It doesn't matter whether you start at the rock-bottom level of fitness capabilities or you begin further along the scale. With your own individualised training program I guarantee you'll benefit from dedicated one to one training.



It is never a bad time or it's never too late to start changing your level of health. Whether you currently have a health condition that needs addressing or you're worried that you're in the 'at-risk' category. The benefit of regular exercise will have a dramatic improvement on your health - both in the short and long term. Most of today's medical problems can be improved with the introduction of regular exercise and by following a healthy balanced diet. With a committed focus on physical exercise it is possible to reduce work stress, improve sleep and increase your daily energy levels. Investing time into your own body and overall health is never a bad idea.


In order to lose weight we must form an energy deficit, whereby more calories are expended than what is taken in through our daily diet.

We will target fat loss with a three-fold approach of cardiovascular conditioning to burn calories, along with strength training to increase lean muscle mass (increasing the body's fat-burning potential).

All this combined with a balanced diet forms the ingredients to healthily lose body fat and build lean muscle at the same time. 


Whether it be your first running event or you've run one before, the importance of having a running plan is essential to finishing the marathon within target time, or simply just finishing at all. Building up a running program to race day typically takes 3 to 4 months (12-16 weeks). By following a progressive buildup of running mileage the body gets stronger to withstand longer distances without over-stressing muscles and joints. Inside the gym we will follow some strength based conditioning and flexibility training, which is all important providing balance to over-used muscles from continual running. With my on-going support throughout your program we will make sure you turn up to the start line on race day in peak condition. 


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